How to cut diamond?

A newly mined rough diamond looks more like a piece of beach-washed glass than like the polished gems sold in jewellery stores. It takes the skill and art of a trained diamond cutter to bring out their beauty.

Why gold is measured in karats?

This dates back to ancient times in the Mediterranean / Middle East, where a carat was used as a gold alloy purity scale . Gold purity is also often calculated in terms of fineness, that is to say parts per thousand. Thus 22 carat of 1000 parts is 22/24th = 916 fineness.

Origin of word 'gold' from?

The term gold seems to be extracted from the ‘bright’ Indo-European origin, representing one of the gold’s most apparent properties. It is expressed in the similarity in various languages of the term gold: Gold (English), Gold (German), Guld (Danish), Gulden (Dutch), Goud (Afrikaans), Gull (Norwegian) and Kulta (Finish).

What is gold?

Gold is an element which has an atomic symbol like Au and an atomic number as 79. It is a compact, vivid, mildly reddish yellow, delicate, malicious, and ductile product in its purest form.

Chemically, it is an element of transition and of group 11. It is one of the least reactive components and under normal conditions, is solid.

Who discovered gold?

Gold was first found on 24 January 1848 in California. Most California individuals found out the existence of gold, but James W. Marshall was the one who discovered a bright object near Coloma in Sutter Creek, California, on January 24, 1848. Gold was suddenly found when he was managing the building of an American River sawmill.

Who discovered gold?

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