Our Services


As responsible jewelry based on Kasaragod with a rich and diverse history, we specialize in several services that are usually sought by customers. Unique ornaments and trusted elegance are our features. Our specialties include Traditional methods of making gold ornaments, Elegant products, and Modern designs.

Giving gold as a gift is considered auspicious. We present the new collections of golden gifts for your loved ones on different occasions like weddings, birthdays, childbirths, and so on. We also present formal and informal ornaments, casual wear, party wear, office wear, etc.

Birthstones are one of the popular choices of customers. We provide birthstones according to customer’s satisfaction.

Gold is a delicate metal, and automatic machine piercing can produce unfavorable results for those who want to the piercing with the gold itself. We prefer the old, time tested, traditional way of ear-piercing where the experienced person pierces the ear with extreme care and love. Nose piercing is also done with our preferred traditional method.

Our team also customizes gold according to customer’s needs.*

*Conditions Apply