11 Best ornament collections for Indian Wedding

Best bridal collections

A wedding day is the most special day in the life of any girl. Every girl dreams of having the ultimate fairy tale wedding complete with a stunning wedding dress, beautiful jewels, beautiful wedding decoration, and off course, the ideal groom to be! In specific Indian weddings are an exuberant show of pomp and festivity. To the bride, selecting her lehenga or saree wedding and her bridal ornaments is a privilege once in a lifetime. Here’s the list of the most famous and exquisite wedding jewelry that any bride should buy. Mix and match the perfect for a bride with a beautiful wedding jewellery collection.

Antique Jewelry Sets in Gold

Antique Gold Ornament

For many decades now, vintage gold jewellery was the go-to for brides because of the ethnic feel! Gold never fails to bring the much-needed charm and delicacy a bride deserves on her D-day. An extremely common choice among South Indian brides is layering ornate gold pieces in 22-karat yellow gold, with the gold ball or bead strings, meenakari job, Kundan haars etc. We truly think collections of gold jewellery are timeless and elegant!

Polki Diamond set

Polki ornament

Hailing from the grandiose Mughal empire and beautifully made to make you look like a royal jewellery, in 2020 Polki diamond is all the rage. — polki unit, made of natural unfinished diamonds and set in a concave base of 22 karat yellow gold, exudes a charm of the old world.

While not the same as polished cut diamonds, the luster, and brightness of Polki diamond jewellery is enough to steal away anybody’s steam! Open Polki and Hyderabadi polki -which is set in silver rather than gold- are also patterns for contemporary brides these days.

Indeed Polki gives a rich and royal look to the bride.

Jewellery set in diamond

Diamond Ornament

Diamond jewellery can never hesitate to look stunning on your wedding day with its dazzling glamour and shine. It actually does go with every dress! No one can claim the brilliant white jewels paired with precious stones like smaragd and ruby do not do the bride good. You can also wear diamonds later in life, on wedding times, on birthdays, on the sangeet of your best mate, everywhere, you name it! Definitely worth investing in.

Rani Haar

Rani Haar Ornament

Rani haar is a necklace-type that is typically thin and can be either single-stringed or more. Because of its long period, this theme often gives the whole wedding dress a royal feel. This style has been followed for a long time now, especially after Sabyasachi began to dress his models back in years. Typically it is followed by another bracelet to make it appear elegant. Rani Haar appears strongest when a choker-style collar piece is stacked. Though if your really simple wedding blouse wearing rani hair will look fine too. It’s a great complement to Indian brides wedding jewellery collections.

Guttapusalu Jewellery

Guttapusalu Ornament

“Pusalu” in Telugu means beads and “gutta” means set. Thus guttapasulu converts literally into pearls organized in bunches. Bridal necklaces Guttapusalu looks beautiful and makes you feel like a complete queen! The neckpieces are crafted in typical designs and flower motifs long or small and set with various stones and gems. We sincerely agree that coordinating earrings and maang tikkas make them appear beautiful.

Nath Set

Nath Ornament

This typical wedding jewellery brings a bit of extra elegance to your style. Using this stunning nose ring to improve jewelry for a full makeover. Not everybody is confident adding anything but this addition to your bridal look if you choose to go for extra glam. You don’t have to touch up your nose because you can find naths on either hand that can be pushed into the nostril to appear similarly perfect. You ‘re sure to have this item of your wedding jewellery collection.

Pearl Satlada necklaces

Satlada necklaces ornament

A satlada haar is essentially a bridal jewelry consisting of 7 strings of pearls, alongside precious stones and gold, diamonds, polka job etc. on haar. This kind of bridal jewellery comes from Hyderabad’s Nizams and has certainly caught on in the society of South Indian. It’s attracting the eye and seems remarkably regal. For a sparkling show of opulence, one may wear the satlada haar by itself or combine it with a choker necklace. Satlada haar is the ornament that must included in your collection.

Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery Ornament

Temple jewellery creations look both modern and conventional! These chunky chains are so intricately crafted out of nakshi work that no two prototypes come out the same. Therefore every concept is totally original!

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha designs are among the most favorite among pendants made in nakshi jewellery. These are decorated with precious stones, diamonds, polka-work, beads or pearls of gold.

Emrald Beads

Emrald Beads Ornament

Multi-stranded emerald bead necklaces will definitely be trendy in 2020! These necklaces, designed either with pendants or just solitary bead strands, look luxurious and queenly. The dark green complements almost any main and secondary hue, and can therefore be paired with every outfit!


Flower Jewellry

Gold Flower Ornament

More and more brides are opting for floral jewellery sets complete with floral neckpieces, earrings, floral maang tikkas and haath phools for Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies. These jewelry collections are one of a kind despite being bright and colourful as well. We think they look so refreshing and fun break from traditional heavy jewellery.


Worn around the waist, this wedding jewelry has produced designs that are crafted from the coins and beads that may or can not be crafted from precious metals. Kamarband is the wedding jewellery the gives the person wearing it a rather delicate grace and can be worn with either the wedding sari or the lehenga wedding.

Best collections for wedding ornament with great quality and variety of designs is the key attraction of Roshi Jewellery. The collection of unique bespoke designs for different functions makes us different from others.

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